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C.A.R.E Group Homes

Where do foster children go that no one else wants? Children with emotional and behavioral problems that self-medicate with drugs and alcohol? They all need a safe harbor in the storm. They need someone who will CARE for them. We at C.A.R.E. provide that safe harbor for the foster children no one else wants. Since 1994 we have been caring for the "toughest foster children in the system".

Abused, abandoned and/or neglected. All "At Risk" of life's predators!

Dad's in prison, Mom's prostituting herself for drugs ... these are the families into which our children are born. By supporting C.A.R.E. you are helping these foster children realize a different life. A life of hope, health and happiness. "We CARE, won't you CARE too?"

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Supporting CARE

The Officers and Board of Directors of C.A.R.E. would like to acknowledge and thank ABVI by Vantage and The Lexington Collection for their contributions to our organization.